Σχετικές Έρευνες – Αμβλυωπία / Στραβισμός 2019-09-14T18:56:25+00:00

Αμβλυωπία … πέρα από την οπτική οξύτητα !

«Amblyopia is an abnormal development of the visual system secondary to its inadequate (i.e. anisometropia and deprivation amblyopia) or erroneous (i.e. strabismic amblyopia) binocular stimulation during early visual development. It is usually unilateral, and it occurs due to a mismatch of information between the two eyes. Beyond affecting the visual acuity, amblyopia affects contrast sensitivity, spatial integration, global motion perception, and depth perception. Moreover, it may impact negatively the quality of life, either due to the low vision in the amblyopic eye, weak depth perception or because of the social burden of the most widely used treatment, i.e. occlusion therapy.  Recently, the understanding of unilateral amblyopia physiopathology has evolved and the concept that the visual loss is related uniquely to an abnormally developed visual system has given place to the one based on an anomalous binocular interaction.» Dr Mansouri B.

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